Neurodiversity in the Workplace

It is estimated that 15% to 20% population are neurodivergent which will translate into the workplace and large companies are now seeing the benefits of neurodivergent workforce…

Safety First!

3-Space (UK) Ltd are very proud of our Health and Safety record and in all the years since we started operating, we haven’t had any notifiable accidents to report.

A Day at the Races

3-Space finally return to Royal Ascot. It was a long-awaited outing after a delay of a couple of years due to you-know-what and we certainly celebrated the day in style.

Audit Week

audit week

Last year we successfully passed the ISO 14001:2015 re-certification process which demonstrates our continued obligation to the environment and sustainable working practices…

Why Use a Design & Build Company?

As we slowly return to the office after, let’s face it, a rather unexpected break, it is time to re-evaluate its purpose and determine what we actually need out of the office…

Designing for Wellbeing


COVID lockdowns gave our physical and mental health a knock. So it is no great surprise that companies are prioritising wellbeing more than ever when it comes to office design.

The New Normal

As we make tentative steps back out into the big wide world, many companies are looking at opening their offices again…

Covid-19 & The Construction Industry

The government has ordered us to #stayhome and only go into work when absolutely necessary which thankfully many of us are able to do. But some workers aren’t so lucky and don’t have this option.