Audit Week

audit week

Audit Week

In 2018, 3-Space (UK) Ltd were first awarded the ISO 14001:2015 certification which demonstrated our obligation to the environment and sustainable working practices. Last year, in 2021, we successfully passed the re-certification process for another three years and this got us thinking. Should we be pushing ourselves further? How else can we prove that we are a force to be reckoned with?

It seemed only natural that we should go for ISOs 9001 and 45001 in quality, and health and safety. Whilst these aspects are already integral to 3-Space’s everyday ethos, we felt that it would benefit us and our clients to formalise our processes and procedures. This would profit 3-Space as a company, as we would have standardised processes that everyone can follow which would increase productivity and lessen the margins for error but more importantly it would give our clients confidence that they are working with company that has been recognised for their commitment to the environment, quality, and health and safety.

So, this ‘audit week’, that is what we have done. 3-Space (UK) Ltd have been through the rigorous certification process and every aspect of 3-Space relating to the environment, quality and health and safety has been examined in detail to ensure that we have workable procedures in place which enable us to operate effectively and safely, both in-house and on site. And as anyone will know who has been through this, continuous improvement is an essential element of the scheme and a well-written integrated management system provides a solid foundation for this to happen, year on year.

The audit is complete and we are waiting for the official verdict to come through but it is looking good …