Covid-19 & The Construction Industry

Covid-19 & The Construction Industry

It can hardly have escaped anyone’s notice that we are in unprecedented times, fighting against an invisible threat that could be lurking around any corner or lingering on any surface waiting for its next victim. The government has ordered us to #stayhome and only go into work when absolutely necessary which thankfully many of us are able to do using the amazing technology available to us. However, some workers aren’t so lucky and don’t have this option.

When the announcement was made on Monday 23 March, there was some ambiguity as to who was allowed to go to work and who should stay at home. We consulted with our Health and Safety Advisor and asked what he believed the implications of the shutdown meant for the construction industry. In his opinion, based on the advice given by the government, construction sites can continue to operate as long as social distancing measures are in place and close indoor contact with other operatives and clients is stopped. However, in reality, this is very difficult to enforce and there is concern that the virus could spread easily on a busy site. So as a company we feel that there is no other choice but to look at the bigger picture and do what is necessary to combat this virus.

3-Space are taking action. All of our office staff are working from home and we are closing our sites until further notice so that we can minimise the risk of infection. It’s simple, we won’t put lives at risk. Just by one person staying at home the potential infection rate drops from 406 people to just 15; without knowing it, this one person could have the virus but with such mild symptoms that they may not know that they are carrying the disease. They then go about their daily business, infecting 2 to 3 people, who in turn go onto infect 2 to 3 people and so on. By staying at home, 3-Space are breaking the link.

During this period, we are staying in contact with all of our sub-contractors and clients and keeping them updated with progress, ensuring transparency at all times. We know that once the tide has turned and we are able to get back on site safely we will want to see everyone, fit and well.

In the meantime, we are using this time wisely and are concentrating on tidying up the business, evaluating processes and strategizing – all the things that tend to get put to one side when times are busy. This means when it is time to go back to site and back into the office, we will be more efficient, streamlined and in the best position to go out there and show that nothing will stop 3-Space. Not even Armageddon.