Safety First!

Safety First!

3-Space (UK) Ltd are very proud of our Health and Safety record and in all the years since we started operating, we haven’t had any notifiable accidents to report. However, this doesn’t mean that we are complacent and to this end, we took the decision to first aid train all of our available office-based employees so that when we are in the office or out on site there will be an extra pair of hands in case of an incident.

As a company that operates in a number of differing environments, we have procedures and processes to ensure that our employees and our sub-contractors are safe in the workplace. These processes mitigate many of the potential incidents that could occur but don’t stop the unforeseen accidents which is why Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) training is so important as it prepares participants to deal with the most common medical emergencies in the workplace from a small cut to the finger to delivering CPR. Its main purpose is not to treat injuries but to provide immediate attention to the injured and prevent the situation from worsening whilst waiting for full medical care.

There are numerous benefits of first aid training but some of the most important are as follows:

  • Preserving life – providing CPR or stopping someone from choking could be a matter of life or death. Maintaining air circulation or clearing blocked airways prevents severe conditions such as brain damage. Having a trained first aider attend the scene quickens the response time which increase the chance of survival
  • Preventing illness or injury from escalating – containing wounds or injuries prevents the further spread of damage which in turn promotes recovery time and not only helps the injured party but also means less time taken out from work. It could also potentially negate unnecessary hospital visits reducing the strain on our already stretched health service
  • Communication for the emergency services – the first aider will be able to convey the nature of the injury, how it was sustained and condition when the emergency services arrive which in turn enables quick and effective treatment
  • Promoting security – learning first aid increases awareness of potential hazards thus making the workforce feel more secure in the work place

At 3-Space, we endeavour to maintain our excellent Health & Safety record and our first aid training is just another step towards ensuring the safety of our employees, visitors and sub-contractors at our sites and office.