Why Use a Design & Build Company?

Why Use a Design & Build Company?

As we slowly return to the office after, let’s face it, a rather unexpected break, it is time to re-evaluate its purpose and determine what we actually need out of the office. It seems fair to say that, where the type of work allows it, the hybrid model of working is here to stay so the traditional office layout needs re-examining to accommodate this shift.

This is where a design and build company like 3-Space can help.

Choosing to re-locate and refurbish an office is a big undertaking as it is a large financial commitment, and you want to get it right first time. By appointing a design and build contractor, all the day-to-day concerns are taken care of, leaving you to carry on with business as normal. Here are some of the ways that a company such as 3-Space can assist:

Space Planning

As some companies come to the end of their lease, smaller office spaces may be considered as fewer employees will be in the office full time. In order to get the most from the reduction in square footage, space planning is an imperative part of the design process and the starting point. Our design team will survey the area so that they have accurate dimensions and can subsequently create a design that it is fit for purpose and looks great.


It’s a bit of a buzz word at the moment but rightly so as the past couple of years have taken its toll on people’s welfare. The focus on wellbeing is regularly reflected in today’s office designs which often incorporate natural materials such as timber and living walls, relaxing break out furniture and inclusive spaces. A residential-style office endorses a home from home environment which boosts morale and wellbeing. Our design team put together ideas and concepts to create a workplace that engages employees and makes them feel involved and secure.

Company Awareness

Appointing a professional designer ensures that branding will be cohesive throughout the scheme and reflects the values and mission statement of the company. Through colour and design, your company’s identity will be immediately recognisable by clients and employees and as the brand grows it will attract top talent into the business, encouraging company growth.

Future Proofing

We all know that technology changes within the blink of an eye and to make sure that your new office is ready for whatever comes next, it is important to future proof it as much as possible. This could be making the office more adaptable to changing employee numbers, making the workplace smarter by installing the latest technology with the capability to upgrade or investing in ergonomic furniture to protect your most valuable assets – your employees. 3-Space can advise on the best ways to ensure your office isn’t just good for now but will still be a workable space in the future.

Technical Expertise

An office fit out is a daunting process, especially if you haven’t done it before and that is why having a design and build company on board is advantageous. From the very start, our sales team can guide you through the legalities of the process, our design team can provide detailed drawings, 3D visuals and walk throughs so you get to see the design in situ before signing on the dotted line and once the contracts are signed, our project team will ensure that everything is built as per the drawings, to the deadline and to budget.

Financial Benefits

Having a well-planned office space may not come for free but ultimately there are financial gains to be had as, from the company’s point of view, it will increase productivity and the motivation of employees and by employing a fit out company, you are able to take advantage of their superior buying power as most are not tied in to one supplier and are able to shop around for the most cost-effective deal without compromising on quality. This covers every aspect from the plasterboard partitioning and flooring to the new furniture.


Above all, your office needs to be safe, and a fit-out company will make sure that the design is built to UK building regulatory standards. Building regulations are important as they protect your employees’ safety, health and welfare within the office. They also are designed to improve the conservation of fuel and power, promoting sustainability and safeguard the environment and we will make sure your new office space is to code.

3-Space pride themselves on their high standards, delivering projects on time and within budget and we are a fun bunch of people to work with so if you would like more information as to how we can help you, give us a call on 0203 773 7900.