We collaborate with landlords and building owners to create modern, desirable working environments. Our refurbishments are driven by a clear commercial understanding, emphasising return on investment as well as risk mitigation.

We know how to make offices more attractive to potential occupiers, so you can get new tenants in quickly, earn more money and maximise your investment.

Whether it needs a fresh design to give the building a new lease of life, a slight refurbishment to make currently unusable areas more effective, or a complete fit-out to reimagine the space entirely – our expert landlord services can fast track your building so it’s ready for market.

Shell and core

Shell and core (base build) describes the first stage of fit-out and includes just the base level and basic structure of the building. There will be no lighting, air-con, fire detection or interior partitioning of rooms.


CAT A gives landlords the power to market a ready-to-go canvas, appealing to as many prospective clients as possible. In turn, this gives the tenant the power to craft their own CAT B interior space, but with a few more bells and whistles than shell and core.


CAT A+ bridges the gap between CAT A and CAT B. CAT A+ works are instructed by the landlord and can be seen as a tenant ready space, attracting a new type of occupant who has new demands of their workspace. Plug and play provides a space that works quickly for occupants with little fuss. In today’s market, ultimately, it’s a win-win. The landlord has more control and a highly marketable asset; the occupant can get their hands on a ready-to-go space without a huge initial investment.

Combining Landlords CAT A Works With Tenant CAT B Works

For our clients seeking new office space, where the CAT A works have not already been conducted, we provide a special fast track service whereby these works can be completed at the same time as the tenant’s fit out works. The CAT A works are completed knowing the exact layout of the final office design removing the risk of having to relocate services. These kind of landlord services save the tenant both time and money.

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