The Rise of CAT A+

The Rise of CAT A+

There seems to be a bit of a revolution going on in the Office Design and Build industry. Traditionally there have been two options for an office fit-out – CAT A and CAT B but as the working environment becomes more fluid and flexibility is a bigger priority, there is now third option, CAT A+, which appeals to both landlords and tenants alike.

Let’s, firstly, look at the distinction between CAT A and CAT B. A Category A fit-out tends to be the choice of the landlord who is looking to make the space ready for the tenant to come in and make their mark. CAT A prepares the space by installing the basics such as floor, ceiling, mechanical, fire, plumbing and electrical services to industry standards. Essentially, it is creating the shell of an office.

Following the CAT A fit-out, the incoming tenant will appoint a designer to transform this empty space into a something spectacular. This then becomes a Category B fit-out. Typically, this includes floor covering, lighting schemes, partitioning to define areas, kitchen / breakout areas, furniture and company branding. Once complete, the tenant has a beautiful new office to move into.

However, the new kid on the block is the Category A Enhanced option which sits somewhere in between CAT A and CAT B allowing the landlord to market the work space as a ‘plug and play’ office. The work carried to achieve a CAT A+ fit-out is almost as comprehensive as CAT B, allowing the tenant to move straight in.

The advantages to both parties are numerous. For the landlord, it enhances the leasing profile and attracts a broader range of tenants thus potentially reducing building voids. By using a reputable fit-out company such as 3-Space (UK) Ltd, the landlord also knows that the work will be to industry standards and ecologically sustainable, a strong marketing tool in today’s society. For the tenant, it provides the flexibility to work from an office environment without making a substantial investment. It is particularly useful for start-up companies and agile companies who would have been limited to sharing office areas with others as it allows them to have their own private office with their own facilities.

Whether you are looking for a CAT A, CAT A+ or CAT B fit-out, our experts at 3-Space (UK) Ltd are always on hand to talk through the options and advise what is the best route would be for you, whether you are a landlord or a tenant looking for a work space.