The Importance of Office Design

The Importance of Office Design

The Importance of Office Design

An office is just somewhere to work, right? Surely aesthetics aren’t important as long as everyone has a chair to sit on and a desk to work at?

Well, no, not really.

The Importance of Office Design is clear. Having an office space which inspires and motivates is fundamental to a happy and healthy workforce. When taking on an office space there are several key factors which need to be considered to achieve office nirvana.

Firstly, is there enough space to do what you need to do? A smaller office may well be the cheaper option but do you want to spend the length of your lease cramped into an inadequate area. Whilst on this train of thought, you should also consider the business’ growth plan and whether the space will allow additional desks if more employees are taken on. There is also another option as some companies are choosing smaller premises in line with the growing trend for off-site working. Do you need really desks for everyone in the office? Could hot-desking be the answer to limited space; would it work for your business?

Secondly, creating a design around your business’ culture is paramount as it differentiates you from your competitors and reveals the business’ personality to your clients. A vibrant and dynamic workplace also attracts and retains top talent and encourages productivity as employees are happier in a comfortable working environment. When designing, it is important to look at how the current office works and what the requirements of the business are, for example, do you need team spaces alongside quiet areas and is the current break out area sufficient? You must also consider your company brand as you should incorporate the colours and message in your décor to strengthen your identity, both for staff and visitors.

Thirdly, the choice of furniture can be crucial as it could influence the productivity of your employees as no-one wants to sit at a tiny desk looking at huge floor plans whilst perched on the world’s most uncomfortable chair! The furniture must be fit for purpose. Design and colour don’t have to be compromised as there are so many variations available; there is no excuse for buying cheap chairs that won’t give the right impression to visitors and will potentially cause postural problems for employees which in turn could affect production levels.

Certainly, for the younger generation, a work / life balance seems to be a thing of the past and the two are now more integrated as ever-advancing technology allows us to work 24/7, blurring the lines between work and home. Perhaps we need to start considering the office as being an extension of the home and vice versa. Providing a warm and welcoming space at work will help people to feel that they belong and encourage productivity as coming to work won’t feel a chore.

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions about sourcing, designing and refurbishing an office space. Our team have a wealth of experience and everyone knows the importance of office design – from the administrative staff to the Directors are invested in working to the highest standards to help our clients enjoy a fabulous office space!

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