Sustainability and Wellbeing

The built environment accounts for roughly 40% of the UK’s total carbon footprint. We understand the impact our work has on the environment and are dedicated to prioritising sustainable solutions.


3-Space place huge importance on minimising our environmental impact in every aspect of the fit-out process.

Sustainability is an integral part of office design and goes hand in hand with wellbeing as the improvement of the surroundings enhances the health of those working within the environment.

Our designs maximise the use of natural daylight and fresh air with the aim of using less energy, cutting running costs and improving morale. We will specify organic, non-volatile paints and materials for the health of your staff, and we will procure high quality, eco-friendly furniture at lower cost, using our purchasing power.

Whether you are planning a full building refurbishment or an office move, our sustainability team can help you meet your sustainability goals. We offer comprehensive sustainability services that range from full sustainability assessments to quick advice on the most environmentally friendly materials.


EPC Ratings

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The working environment has a profound impact on the quality of people’s lives. At 3-Space, we take that responsibility seriously, not only in terms of the places we shape and deliver but also in terms of how we operate as a business.

Wellbeing is fundamental to people’s health and happiness, and employers are becoming more aware of the importance of promoting this within the work environment. The landscape of the office is changing and a hybrid working model is becoming more common place, however, the office still has its place but how it is used is evolving to become more agile with the addition of hot desks, more collaborative workspaces, and wellness areas. Our experienced designers take a holistic approach in creating a workspace which encourages wellness for the employee, the company and environment through thoughtful design.