Simpson Travel


SIZE: 4,000 SQ FT


Bringing together idyllic destinations, luxury accommodation and award-winning, personalised service, Simpson Travel go the extra mile to offer a holiday experience. To release the potential of the splendid old building involved bringing it up to speed as a fully modern workplace.

Today, it is a contemporary office environment with an array of flexible workspaces, break-out area, meeting rooms and quiet rooms. And best of all, staff remain able to enjoy spectacular views of the Bank of England Sports Ground. Employees now enjoy open plan working, with support colleagues on banks of 6 desks and sales on banks of 9 and 12. The addition of small coffee points provide staff with alternative spaces for activity-based working and informal gatherings. High-back sofas, high-top project tables and breakout areas cater for a multitude of uses and provide visual interest.

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