office design

We will provide detailed design drawings and creative visualisations...

Good Design

Our in house design team have a wide range of experience, from Interior Architects and Graphic Designers, to Architectural Technicians and 3D Visualisers, and their first priority is to get to know your business inside out.

Good design in the workplace can elevate morale and improve productivity, promote the image and help reinforce a corporate identity. It can help to attract and retain a higher quality workforce.

Experienced In-House Design Team
Understanding Our Clients Requirements

At the briefing stage it’s not about needing to know what you want, the emphasis is on us to understand the way that your business runs, so we can best advise you.  We won’t stop asking questions until we’re satisfied that we know precisely what kind of culture you want to create, the brand identity you want to convey and how you want your staff to interact in their new office space. Then we can start to create a workplace designed to your needs.

Our Design Process

We will provide detailed design drawings and creative visualisations throughout the process so you know exactly how your new space will look and feel, before you commit.