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Miramar global

Size                  1,980 sq ft
Programme     3 weeks

 "I sat in the office yesterday and was so pleased that we made the decision to use 3-Space for this project. From Leanne’s creativity, to James’ project management, and all the hands on work in between from the whole team, we’ve got exactly what we’ve asked for (and more), with exemplary service throughout; all done with a smile.


Projects like this are always stressful, but so much of the possible angst has been taken away by the service you’ve provided. We really have been extremely impressed and pleased.

Thank you again, we love it!"

Miramar CS


Partitioning  - New Doors & Ceilings - Fire Detection  - Electrical & Data Works - New LED Lighting - New Flooring - Decorations  - New furniture - Mechanical works -  New blinds - Manifestation - Signage - Feature wall covering - Lightbox

Miramar Global had previously worked in service offices but were ready to stamp their identity on their own workspace. Their brief was to create a light, airy and modern office environment which enabled hot desking, collaborative working and private areas for video calls. We also had to design around the existing kitchen, boardroom and shower room ensuring that there was synergy between the old and new spaces. Our designer took advantage of the natural light that floods the area and made most of the office’s location which has extensive views over London. Using the brand’s colours, a calming palette was chosen with pops of brighter colours to accentuate differing areas. Miramar Global have ended up with a lovely sunny workplace which anyone would be thrilled with. It was a great project for us to work on and of course, the client was an absolute pleasure to work with!

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