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grand residences by marriott


Programme     2 phases of 12 weeks each


“During a two-phase project in 2019 and 2020, 3-Space (UK) Ltd facilitated the replacement of the air conditioning system at Grand Residences by Marriott at 47 Park Street. This was no small undertaking as the hotel was operational during both phases however using 3-Space’s exceptional project management services, there was no disruption to guests and services with Kathryn Lowe and her team delivering the project on time and to the highest standard.


It was a pleasure to work with 3-Space who have an unfailing eye for detail and uncompromising commitment to quality.”

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Supply and install replacement air conditioning system to the hotel using new Mitsubishi heat recovery air conditioning system consisting of a ducted indoor unit within each apartment connected to rooftop condenser units - Exposing and reinstating the false beams where pipes cross the hallways to the bedrooms - Exposing and reinstating the ceilings within the lobbies of each suite to allow the old unit to be removed and new unit to be installed - Exposing  and reinstating and pipework routes within the ceilings of the suites to allow the replacement pipework to be installed - Exposing and reinstating the riser walls within the store rooms to allow the removal of old and installation of new pipework

The air conditioning system to the hotel was replaced over the course of two 12 week phases. The hotel was occupied during these periods and therefore 3-Space had to work around the guests ensuring that there was minimal disruption. 

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