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laytons solicitors

Guildford, Surrey

Size                  5,000 sq ft

Programme     6 weeks plus furniture


"Tender to pitch, works to completion

Everything completed without affliction

Pricing accurate and too our budget

No hint of “never mind, let’s fudge it

Communication excellent, always on hand

No sign of “I'll bury my head in the sand”

When problems occur which is sometimes the case

Even the boss gets to work with a smile on his face


Project Leader, always on site

Making sure the schedule stays tight

A meeting per week to check all is well

Spotting troubles, saved by the bell


Great advice and wants to impress

Working hard for us, not under duress

Job complete, time to inspect

Great job done, you have earned our respect"

Laytons CS
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Design and Fit Out with Procurement of Furniture - Ceiling Modifications - Corporate Signage – Decorations - Electrical Installations - Feature Pendant Lighting - Feature Wall Coverings - AV Installation - Sound Acoustics - Bespoke Reception Desk

As with many legal practices cellular office space is usually preferred over open plan solutions. However, by providing Laytons with 'case rooms' and hot desking solutions the space can be used more effectively.

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