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Furniture must be functional but should also be considered as a form of decorative art. At 3-Space we endeavour to combine the two, helping our clients choose the furniture that not only fulfils its objectives but also enhances the landscape of the working environment.

3-Space's design team have many spent years building meaningful relationships with our furniture suppliers to ensure that we are always kept up to date with new developments in the industry and that our clients benefit from our knowledge and, dare we say it, advantageous purchasing power, guaranteeing that you are getting the best value.

The process is simple:

The brief & budget

We will have a chat with you to find out what it is you are looking for and what budget you have in mind. This ensures that we present you with options that will be within your range. We’ll also consider reusing any existing furniture if required.

Showroom tours and final finishes

We’ll arrange for visits to our partners’ showrooms to get a real feel of the furniture available and following this, we will invite you to 3-Space HQ where we have a vast samples library of every fabric colour and laminate you can imagine so that you can select your final finishes.

Quote and order

Once you have made your choices, we will put all the details together onto a quote including delivery and installation costs ready for you to sign off when you are happy for the order to be placed. We will notify you of lead times and when you can expect delivery.

Installation and aftercare

Our installation team will oversee the delivery and installation of your furniture and offer aftercare including providing product maintenance and making sure that you have a contact going forward for future purchases.

The Process



First impressions last so choosing the right Reception furniture to represent your company is essential. We partner with a number of suppliers with a wide range of Reception desks and furniture from off-the-shelf to bespoke options. 

At 3-Space, we will help you to get the right reception furniture for the space and to suit your needs, be it a formal reception desk and waiting area to a greeting space to welcome guests before taking them through to the meeting area.





The dictionary definition of a desk is 'a piece of furniture with a flat or sloping surface and typically with drawers, at which one can read, write, or do other work'. But that doesn't really do it justice. Nowadays where one works is better described as a workstation allowing the user to multitask.

These workstations come in so many different guises from single desks to banks of units to sit / stand desks. With the help of our furniture experts we can advise you of the best formation to suit the space and your budget. 


Arguably the task chair is the most important piece of office furniture. This is where you will be spending the majority if your time so it needs to be comfortable and supportive. Ergonomics play a huge part in the design of task chairs which results in an adjustable seat height, lumbar support, suitable seat width and the ability to swivel.

We work with Europe's leading manufacturers to ensure that whatever your requirements are, we can bring them to you in a variety of styles and materials.




Collaboration comes in many forms from the spontaneous get-together to the formally organised workshop. In all cases, the furniture needs to suits its purpose allowing individuals communicate their ideas and foster teamwork.

Collaboration furniture takes many guises such as:

  • stand up meeting tables

  • sofas

  • meeting pods

  • benches and tables

How ever much space you have, there will be a piece of collaboration furniture to suit it.



What is an office without a meeting space?

Whether you need an occasional meeting room or an area big enough to hold a town hall style gathering, 3-Space can show you furniture that will suit your needs. 

Meeting rooms can be used for a real variety of reasons from collaborating on projects, informal meetings to board meetings so you want to make sure that you have the right furniture. 

We offer solutions that range from foldaway meeting tables, dedicated meeting room chairs, tiered and platform seating to meeting pods. We also partner with audio visual specialists to bring you the full package. 

Kumon 4.JPG



Executive Furniture.jpg

Executive furniture can be used to indicate the subtle difference between management and the employee. Executive furniture by definition should be used by the upper echelons of the office and usually has more functionality and superior quality. This can take the form of the desking which must be able to accommodate all areas of the executive's work, fully ergonomic chairs and office meeting tables and chairs. These can all be chosen to portray and enhance the company's image whilst allowing the executive to carry out his or her duties with the best furniture surrounding them.

Open Plan
Task Chairs



Breakout furniture can mean different things in different offices however what they all have in common is that it offers the employee the opportunity to take a break from their monitors thus complying with health and safety regulations. 

Such furniture can be found in the form of canteen style seating and tables or soft furnishing such as sofas and chairs. Both styles can be multi-purposed for lunches or as an informal meeting space. 

Breakout areas don't need to be large or expensive and our furniture partners at 3-Space are able to provide comfortable and stylish solution.





Storage is defined as the action or method of storing something for later use. In the UK, there are legal obligations regarding the retention of certain company records so it makes sense for an office to have a dedicated space for this purpose. This can be storage for items that do not need to be accessed on a regular basis or storage with easy accessibility for everyday use. 


Whilst functional, storage solutions can also be attractive. 3-Space work with several manufacturers to provide off-the-shelf units and bespoke storage walls which come in all shapes and finishes.



Open plan offices are the norm and desks are often situated in banks of 4 so desk partitions or furniture screens will allow the employee to define their space rather than share their area with others. Screens and partitions come in every shade under the sun so you can use it to enhance your corporate branding or inject a pop of colour into your office.

These days in particular, it is very important to have the separation between those who sit closely so there are many different options to make the space safe including screens with anti-microbial properties. 

Room Dividers



Having a great looking, multi functional office is the ultimate goal of most companies. However there are the hidden aspects that also need to be considered such as the acoustics of the office as in most offices there will be the daily hustle and bustle of visitors coming and going, meetings taking place and the drone of printers in the background. This can make the working environment rather noisy. However it is fairly simple to rectify with the use of acoustic barriers in the ceiling or by installing aesthetically-pleasing acoustic panels. 3-Space work with acoustic specialists to provided solutions for every type of office. These panels can be strategically placed to minimise the noise and can also be used to define areas within an open plan office. Panels can be cut to show motifs and come in a wide range of colours to suit your company's branding. They can be hung from the ceiling or you can install acoustic art on the walls.   



To make the best use of your new furniture, it needs to be functional as well as appealing. In order to do this, 3-Space can provide in desk and under desk power modules, monitor arms to free up work space on the desk and cable management solutions to ensure that cables are contained and are not a health and safety risk. 

We have partnered with a number of suppliers to guarantee you are getting the best product for the best value.

CMD power.jpg



Smartest Energy 4.jpg

For get-togethers, town halls and informal meetings, you need furniture that will accommodate the whole company to one-to-one discussions. Areas can be created using platform seating for larger gatherings or using screens, smaller areas can be sectioned off to suit requirements.


As with the collaboration furniture, booths and meeting pods are a great alternative to meeting rooms with most using acoustic material for noise reduction. 

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