Everyday Loans


SIZE: 6,000 SQ FT


Everyday Loans in an independent personal loan lender, offering a case-by-case approach to customers. In this clever design the main office area is interspersed with breakout areas, including a bespoke huddle space that integrates a furniture pod with a digital screen to allow teams to share ideas and collaborate away from the bustle of the office.

Although open plan, clever zoning has been achieved through the use of colour, furniture and flooring, as well as creative partitioning which doubles up as storage and provides important noise attenuation.  The finished space reflects Everyday Loan’s brand – bringing it to life and creating the ‘community feel’ that was so important to our client.  A feature moss wall at the entrance to the office incorporates biophilic design and provides strong visual brand interest, helping to bring personality to the space.

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