SIZE: 4,165 SQ FT


Clinical Professionals is an international pharmaceutical research and development recruitment company, with a focus on job placement in the scientific, pharmacology, clinical development and post approval services. When Clinical Professionals decided to relocate to new office space, they partnered with 3-Space because they felt that we understood their brand values the best.

The new office is set over one floor, where 3-Space designed an open collaborative workspace that reflected Clinical Professionals core values and helps to create a sense of cohesion amongst the staff. The most impressive part of the new office is the large open breakout area overlooking Reading town.

3-Space designed the space to allow for increased collaboration, and conversation among employees. Corporate branding is integral in the design and the colour teal is used throughout to focus and strengthen the company’s identity whilst mustard provides a colourful contrast. New furniture and logo acoustics panels complete the design, delivering an on-brand and warm office space.

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