Cara Technology - 6,500 sq ft - 14 WEEKS

Location - Leatherhead

Cara Technology are a world-leading company developing, manufacturing and supplying products and services for the food and drinks industry.  The company is a trusted partner of the makers of many of the world’s most iconic beers, including Grolsch, Peroni, Duvel and Punk IPA. Yeast cultures are supplied to breweries from the company’s ISO 9001-accredited Leatherhead laboratories, which are used to make 25% of the world’s beer, in places as far afield as the USA, Columbia, Peru, Brazil, Australia, Russia, Germany, Tanzania, Nigeria, Vietnam, Japan and China.

Their AROXA™ Certified Flavour Standards and SensCheck™ Sensory Management software, all of which are developed, manufactured, quality assured and distributed from the company’s UK base, are used to train thousands of professional tasters in a variety of industries. This ensures that brewers, cider makers, wine makers, distillers, manufacturers of soft drinks, and suppliers of both bottled water and tap water, release only the best-tasting products to the market.


6,500 sq ft



Scope of Works

CAT A works including New Suspended Ceiling - Curtain Wall Installation - New LED Lighting - New Heating and Cooling Air-Conditioning System

CAT B works including Design and Fit Out with Procurement of Furniture - Bespoke Furniture - Ceiling Features - Corporate Signage - Decorations - Electrical Installations - Feature Pendant Lighting - Feature Wall Coverings - AV Installation - Sound Acoustics - Glass & Steel Meeting Pod - Laboratories - Clean Areas - Taste Rooms - Bespoke Product Display Areas - New Feature Floor Coverings


14 Weeks Plus Furniture


3-Space took this barely functioning lower ground floor from shell to a CAT A & CAT B modern industrial-feel space, complete with an array of laboratories, taste rooms, brewing facilities, office and meeting spaces. Branding was particularly important and Cara’s ethos and identity is prominent throughout. Our designer, working alongside the client used distinctive signage and graphics in the reception area to illustrate the history and development of their company.

Client Quote

"From start to finish 3-Space were helpful, friendly and professional. Our build came with a number of challenges, all of which they were able to accommodate. As a company, they went out of their way to achieve good design, easily solve problems and tackle on-going issues. When we decided to add other requirements, such as a brewery room, they quickly adapted the design to fit what we needed. They helped us achieve the building that we’d always dreamed of, with high spec laboratories that meet GMP Pharmaceutical standard, to an open, funky work environment where everyone feels welcome. They were a joy to work with throughout the whole process, and we’d happily recommend them to anyone looking to design, build and furnish an office they’re happy to stay in for the long-term!"