Berwick Hill Properties - Leatherhead


SIZE: 2,400 SQ FT


Berwick Hill Properties Ltd is a property trading and investment company, predominantly acquiring property in the South East of England. This was another project in conjunction with Berwick Hill Properties working in the newly renovated One Springfield Drive in Leatherhead. We were asked to create a communal café and meeting space on the ground floor of the building for use by all the tenants.

The brief was to create a relaxed space using calming fabrics and earth driven materials with a metallic copper accent which resulted in a bespoke charred timber and copper feature wall. To divide the different spaces, our designers used ceiling pendants and lighting to showcase the individual environments.

Private cubicles were created, emulating a diner which multi-task as dining areas and informal meeting spaces. Eye-catching furniture was positioned in the area, creating focus points for the visitors to the café along with providing a comfortable place to sit whilst take five minutes from their day to reflect.

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