Air Canada


SIZE: 7,000 SQ FT


Air Canada is Canada’s largest airline, the country’s flag carrier and a founding member of Star Alliance and provides direct service to six continents. Being able to work again at the World Business Centre in Hounslow was an opportunity that our design team relished, having previously designed the office space next door to Air Canada. With huge windows that face the runway at Heathrow, our designer took advantage of the abundance of natural light to create an airy, light-filled office space.

Natural elements have been brought in through the installation of a moss wall and oak slat feature area, along with large planters filled with greenery. Pops of red have been incorporated, mirroring Air Canada’s maple leaf logo. This instantly recognisable symbol also makes an appearance on the manifestation, appearing as if falling from the sky. Earthy, neutral tones were chosen for the decoration and furniture in the breakout area which gives a relaxing vibe and helps to differentiate the space from the ‘working’ environment allowing employees to switch off.

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